7 Uses and Tips for Roof Racks

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July 15, 2017
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7 Uses and Tips for Roof Racks

roof rack tips & uses

roof rack tips & uses

Most vehicles are not large enough to carry large items such as paddle boards and surf boards. No need to make your passengers uncomfortable trying to squeeze in next to your favourite paddle board. For items that are bulky and/or unmanageable, the answer is of course roof racks and carriers!

When carrying large objects on your vehicle, safety is paramount. We will help you find a practical solution that makes life easier. Roof racks have the ability to accommodate all kinds of bulky items. Here are the most common uses we see for roof racks.


Why not turn your vehicle into a shelter with an awning? Roof racks are available to allow an awning to be erected over your vehicle or extending from the side or rear of your vehicle. Awnings can be ideal for providing shade and an area to prepare food or as a BBQ area.

Securing your load

Unfortunately, items such as boards and kayaks can easily be stolen if left unintended even for a few minutes. The cargo you carry on top of your car can be expensive, so it is worth investing in a secure locking strap. These types of straps are stainless steel reinforced making it impossible to be cut using a knife. Locking straps can be used to lock any board or kayak to roof racks.

Roof Racks and accessories

Surfboards, stand up paddle boards, and snowboards can easily and conveniently be carried on the roof of your vehicle, leaving more room on board for passengers and luggage.

Loading a heavy kayak or canoe on to the roof of a vehicle can be tough, especially for one person. We have options for assisting with lifting, load assist roller-system, side vehicle loading, and even options for utility vehicles and easy launch methods.


Whether you’re packing for a weekend away or a substantial road trip, there always seems to be so much to take and not enough space to pack it. Consider a sturdier weather proof, secure roof box, mesh basket, or alloy tray to give you the extra room for all your essentials.


Travelling with one or more bicycles can be a problem if you don’t have the a specially built bike carrier. There are bike carriers available for almost any type of vehicle with or without a towbar.

It is important that items attached to your vehicle are secured firmly in place to keep your load safe on rough roads, in windy conditions, and protected from rain and potential thieves. We can help you with roof racks, carriers, and accessories. We have a convenient mobile service that will come to you on the Gold Coast, covering from Ormeau to Tweed Heads and Kingscliff.v

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