Family biking adventures made easy

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October 10, 2016
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November 10, 2016
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Family biking adventures made easy

Getting the family out of the house and into the great outdoors can be a mean feat these days with technology being the preferred way for some kids to pass the time.

What can be more difficult is transporting all the kids bikes if you want to take them for a nice bike ride on the foreshore or into the hinterland areas. How do you fit all the kids and their bikes into the back of the car?

Roof Racks On The Run don’t just do roof racks!  We can easily fit a range of bike racks to your vehicle depending on its configurations so you can easily, safely and securely transport the family’s bikes for your next family bike ride!

Roof Mounted Bike Racks

Designed for easy loading and secure transport, our top of the range, roof mounted bike rack systems carry the bike stably and high above the road. These systems can carry the bikes with the front wheel on or off.

Tow Bar Bike Racks

These high quality systems offer a convenient way to carry multiple bikes without having to lift them onto the roof. Able to carry all types of bikes from mountain bikes, road bikes through to children’s bikes.

Hatch & Boot Bike Racks

An ingenious way to still carry bikes if your vehicle does not a tow bar which include a clip-on or strap-on bike carrier system.


If you need a bike carrier system, call the trusted industry professionals at Roof Racks On The Run.  We can quickly work out the best bike carrier system for your needs based on the type of vehicles you have, the types of bikes and how may bikes need to be transported.

Simply call us or complete the online request form.

Our 26 years in the business means we are well able to offer the best advice and guidance with affordable prices ensuring you get the best bike carriers for your vehicle, so you and your family can get on with the next outdoor biking adventure!

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