Prevent ladder accidents with a roof rack

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Prevent ladder accidents with a roof rack

Anyone who in the course of their work needs to transport ladders is aware they can be tricky to keep in place sometimes. Painters, plumbers, carpenters, electricians and concretors are common tradespeople who carry ladders every day for work.

If you are a motorist behind a vehicle where the ladder is poking out the back of a ute or is leant up against the cabin of the ute, you can start to feel quite anxious of the ladder coming loose.

The Queensland Government has developed road rules to protect all road users that dictate that all drivers of cars, utilities and trucks that are transporting loads that project beyond the outer edge(s) of their vehicle or trailer must obey the laws governing the safe moving of these loads and this includes ladders.

These rules are determined by a series of vehicle and load measurements and dimensions that most of us everyday road users wouldn’t really know how to calculate.

Rather than take your chance that the ladder that is poking out the back of your ute tray is within these acceptable dimensions, consider that installing a roof rack could be a considerably cheaper option if you are looking at incurring multiple fines for not abiding by the road rules.

It is absolutely the safer option by far!

For ladders to be safely transported, a professionally fitted roof rack system is the only way to go. Drivers may not be aware that if something dislodges or falls from the back of a ute or truck and causes damage, injury or death, the driver will be held liable.

Roof Racks On The Run can take the stress away of worrying about your ladder or anything else dislodging from the open tail gate of your ute.

We can very easily and quickly determine what sort of roof rack system you need by asking you the year, make and model of your vehicle, the intended use of the roof racks and the maximum weight of load carrying capacity required.

From there our highly experienced team can recommend the most suitable roof rack systems for your needs.

Don’t take the chance of your ladder causing a serious car accident or worse a death, that you will be held accountable for.

Call Roof Racks On The Run and speak to our friendly team or alternatively, submit an online request via our website.


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