First introduced in the Australian and New Zealand market in 2006, Whispbar, the world’s finest rack system, designed for car enthusiasts unwilling to compromise their pursuit of design and performance was purchased in 2010 by Yakima Products, Inc.

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In 2014 Whispbar introduced to the trade a line of cutting edge accessories that not only redefine the mount accessories, but integrate with Whispbar for a seamless, integrated aesthetic and installation.

"Designed, engineered and refined together provides an integrated system, not just nuts and bolts like other rack systems”

— Jason Carathers, Sr. Design Engineer


The beauty of Whispbar isn't only skin deep. Streamline aerofoil wing-like bar shape, PerformaRidge™ design and our PerformaFill™ technology put a premium on performance. No longer are crossbars a hindrance. The aerodynamics of this design reduces drag and noise to nearly zero. The result is a quiet, fuel-efficient ride that lasts for years and exceeds even the most discerning standards.

"Windtunnel testing drove the development of the Whispbar’s unique shape to achieve the lowest drag possible”

— Dave Condon, Sr. Engineer


SmartFoot is a mounting system that seamlessly attaches to your vehicle like no other. The sleek SmartFoot fitting kits serve as the foundation for your rack, and is quick and easy to install. SmartFoot roof rack fitting kits are designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle, ensuring a pure and secure fit.

And SmartFoot is truly modular — should you decide to set up a rack on another similarly-sized vehicle, just get a new SmartFoot roof rack fit kit and transfer — no need to get a whole new rack.

Precision fit to the vehicle, and no less that’s the Whispbar focus”

— Marco D’Angelo, Vehicle Fit Engineer


Not only are Whispbar accessories beautiful, they’re intelligent as well. Whispbar accessories are designed with integrated QuickDock™ technology, which lock soundly to your crossbars without the need of tools or the least bit of hassle.

Never has it been so quick and easy to change from sport to sport, or easily remove your accessories when they’re not in use. An elegant solution to the rack accessory status quo, Whispbar transforms your rack to a complete accessory system that seamlessly integrates with your vehicle.

"No compromise, I can add and remove carriers instantly to carry gear or keep my car’s pristine look”

— Jon Bullinger - Digital Marketing Manager


The genius of QuickDock™ doesn’t stop at the accessory. Whispbar’s SmartFill™ revolutionizes the way accessories are mounted to your bar. QuickDock’s T-Bolt fits right into your Whispbar’s T-Slot without any trimming of the fill or time-consuming adjustments needed during your accessory installation. The SmartFill™, as its name would suggest, smartly compresses where you mount your accessory and regains its shape when the accessory is removed, to keep your bar at peak aerodynamic performance.

No extra modification needed. A first in the industry.

"The beauty lies in the engineering details of quickdock, unseen by many, but so simple to use”

— Chris Sautter, Director of New Product Design

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