Water Sports

Accessories can add a new dimension to the carrying capacity of your car, ensuring that you can transport everything from a canoe or kayak to a surfboard or wakeboard. From the innovative to the simple, we have solutions that take the hassle out of getting your craft down to the water.

Canoe and Kayak Carriers

Kayak cradles and canoe carriers can help transport your water-craft safer and more securely. There are several different ways to carry your kayak or canoe and we can help find the option that is right for you, your water-craft and your vehicle.

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Lift Assist & Accessories

We have a wide range of watersport accessories that can make the transport of your water-craft even easier. Accessories include paddle holders, locking tie-down straps and soft-racks for surfboards.

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Water Sport Accessories

View our range of water accessories including holders to easily transport your paddles and other water sport equipment

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