The Prorack Canoe/Kayak Holder Kit (PR3032N) is a superb piece of kit, designed for carrying sea kayaks and other small boats that are best transported in the flat position, i.e. not tipped on their sides.


One of the core features of the Prorack Canoe/Kayak Holder Kit are the "dual-twist" cradles, made of a dense but soft compound, which will shape themselves to your boat's hull profile, twisting sideways as well as rocking. Another really good feature is the way you can just push and rock a kayak into position, placing the edge of the kayak onto the outer cradles and then pushing so that the cradles flip and the kayak is in the perfect transport position. It's a surprisingly smooth process.

It's also one of the fastest fitting and adjusting carriers available, with the tensioning knob. The tab locks the carrier in place on the roof bar and, when fitted to square bars, it locks the hinged section into the closed position. In other words, to fit the carrier to square bars you just slide it on sideways, close the hinged section, and turn the tensioning knob, maybe 10 seconds work.


  • As with all Prorack products you get very clear full colour instructions including text and colour photos.
  • Two 400cm straps are provided, sewn not crimped, with the leading edge cut on the diagonal to make for easy fitting. There are strong rubber protectors to prevent the strap buckles from damaging the kayak.
  • Kayaks should be secured to the vehicle at both bow and stern. Yakima's Bow/Stern Tie Downs are designed for this purpose.


Load Capacity:1 Kayak, canoe or surfski
Fits:S-Wing or P-Bar
Inclusions:2 tiedowns, 4 kayak cradles & custom adaptor kit

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