Rack & Roll is a universal and removable roof rack accessory originally designed and developed to make it possible for just one person to load heavy, awkward objects onto the roof of their vehicle.

Rack & Roll Universal Loader

Originally designed to load Kayaks and Canoes onto a vehicle, the Rack & Roll system has also found uses in trades for an individual loading operator Stand up Paddle Boards, timber or ladders.
Tested with loads up to 34kg
Rack & Roll - Universal Loading Solution is the convenient and pain free way to lift your load.

For loads heavier than 34kg, the Rack & Roll - Load Extension Support 'RRLEG' will enable the Rack & Roll to be used with loads up to 65kg.

Rack & Roll is a universal loading solution

  • Suits most styles of all major roof racks
  • Thule Square
  • Thule Wing
  • Thule Professional
  • Thule Aero
  • Rhino Sports
  • Rhino Euro
  • Rhino Heavy Duty
  • Rola Sportz
  • Rola Heavy Duty
  • Prorack 'P-Bar'
  • Prorack Whisp 'S-Bar'
  • Prorack Whisp HD (By Special Order)

Uses for Rack & Roll

  • Kayak
  • Canoe
  • Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • Surf / Wave Ski
  • Ladder
  • Timber
  • Any heavy / bulky item

How much will it hold?


  • Single person operation
  • Simple to use
  • Reduces the strain on your back
  • Suits most styles of major roof rack systems on the market
  • Can be used on both sides of the vehicle
  • Stops damage to your vehicle or kayak caused by dropping load while attempting to lift
  • Can be used on more than one vehicle With a similar roof rack system
  • Can be adapted to other roof racks with optional attachment brackets
  • Cost effective
  • Because the system is removed when not in use, it does not alter your cars aerodynamics
  • Causes no additional noise from your roof rack system like some permanent roof rack accessories
  • Does not require a tow ball to be fitted on your vehicle

Product Video

Loading a Hobie Adventure Island

  • Fitted Hull Weight: 39.24kg
  • Hull Length: 4.88m (16')

This video was prepared by Josh Holmes

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